Care of the Soul; Care of the Family Soul


In one of my wee-hours ponderings I noticed a new level of connection between Care of the Soul and Care of the Family Soul (Family Constellations).

Life is constantly drawing us towards wholeness. We need to listen beneath the surface to hear these invitations, symptoms, nudges, calls… the quiet truth of the soul asking to be heard. In my Care of the Soul work I offer help with this deep listening, and support to respond.

In the same way the ‘family soul’ asks to be heard. Like our individual ‘system’, our family system is always seeking wholeness. Sometimes when there is addiction, depression, illness etc in the present generation it can mean that some earlier member of the family system has not been fully seen, or known, accepted or acknowledged. Present-day challenges may be an expression of unconscious loyalty to an ancestor; the quite truth of the family soul is asking to be heard. The work of Family (Systems) Constellations draws these hidden dynamics into view and allows for release in the individual and a settling in the family system.

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