Yesterday six of us met here in my home in Kaikohe for family/systemic constellation practice. From beginning to end it was an organic affair. We began by acknowledging the help – ancestral and spiritual – ┬áthat had already gathered to assist us as we worked together to create more flow in our individual lives and our family systems. Our first exercise emerged out of a theme that was surfacing – victim, perpetrator, rescuer. From there, by enquiring into who had been affected by the exercise, we moved seamlessly into our first powerful constellation. A break to re-fuel, then another, by which stage we were more than ready for a shared meal. Around our tiny table we got to discuss what ‘fate’ means in the context of the systemic work, and our final piece of work swam in that theme. We parted, all enriched, honoured and changed, and some of us having moved into very new inner spaces.

If you are local, and the idea of joining a practice/training group has appeal, please do be in touch. It is my intention to have the Far North well-served by this work, so there need to be plenty of us!

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