I enjoy speaking to diverse groups about end-of-life matters, from my passion about how we engage with death. Using my poetry is a favourite way of connecting.

Whether you’re wondering about a speaker for a service club, health sector or a school prize giving I am happy to discuss possibilities with you. Sending an outline of my address ahead of time is a service I am happy to offer.

‘A Quiet Hour’ is a reflection on death, dying and funerals though my poetry, and is a gentle way to touch into an area that can be challenging to think about.

The Simplicity Slot: If you’d like to hear these five 5-6 minute slots, prepared originally for radio, I can send you a CD for $5.

“Margie is very professional and dedicated; she is totally reliable and takes the time to find out exactly what your requirements are before the event. She is very personable and genuinely creates a reaction of interest in those listening.” David Williams, Head of Goldsmith Management Centre, Letchworth

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